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Access granted. Accessing Visual History.

The Archive

  1. The poorly drawn intro
  2. A very w00tness Hlloween cosplay
  3. Who are these freaks?!?
  4. Moog: 1, Chicken: 0
  5. SNES vs Genesis
  6. The joys of FFXI
  7. The obligatory Starcraft Comic
  8. Random demon attack!
  9. Veterans day
  10. Boobies
  11. Right Click Mice
  12. The rantings of a little mage
  13. The origin of the lab
  14. An SCV?!?!
  15. The dangers of overclocking
  16. Pure oxygen and l33t sp34k
  17. The great Soda War begins
  18. The soda war rages on
  19. Medival Mechs
  20. The fiercest battle of wills
  21. Turkey day
  23. Kick ass firepower indeed
  24. Minions
  25. PWNAGE!
  26. Mega man's blue screen of doom
  27. The end of the soda war/Hoot's fate
  28. The search for hoot
  29. In and out
  30. Boredom is the mother of invention
  31. Hate to see his dental bill
  32. Get the jam
  33. Orc slayin' fun
  34. Sappy romance
  35. Level 12 don't... Level 13, on the other hand...
  36. We're stuck here?!?
  37. Wraiths
  38. The woodlands of lorien
  39. The journey home
  40. Good reason
  41. Normal is so relative...
  42. Blitzball, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...
  43. Yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way.
  44. 2 minutes after midnight
  45. 2 whole days
  46. Well this is... different...
  47. Store?
  48. He's right, you know.
  49. Preparations for the lan on Halo
  50. The first guest comic!
  51. Suspended animation... IN COLOR!
  52. The rules of Halo
  53. Moogs fuel rod gun
  54. Tucker did it
  55. Covie bastards
  56. The Halo war rages on
  57. w00tness has crashed
  58. The unfufilling end of my Halo storyline
  59. Aliens?
  60. More intros
  61. A problem
  62. The problem with clones
  63. Well, this looks smart
  64. DOA and succbi - a very sexy combination
  65. Hoot's invention
  66. Real world interlude
  67. Big ass flash!
  68. Your universe has suffered a fatal error and must be shut down
  69. Art day #1
  70. Spiffy looking holograms
  71. Explination of how the comic will go on with the lack of a universe
  72. So it begins
  73. Watch that first step
  74. This definitely 'aint Kansas, Toto
  75. Start listening - this is important
  76. Cue the ominous, forboding music
  77. Oh shit. That's not good
  78. Things just got a whole lot worse
  79. Is that a rifle in your pocket?
  80. The game plan
  81. A destroyed city that our hero's find? Well THAT'S origional...
  82. Time to go. RIGHT NOW!
  83. Or was it plan Omega Alpha Delta?
  84. Attack of the Art Day: Saiya (w00tness Art day #2)
  85. I thought we'd already depleted the FX budget...
  86. Pay attention - the plot starts here
  87. So much is said without words
  88. General Kasey's story - pt 1
  89. General Kasey's story - pt 2
  90. General Kasey's story - pt 3
  91. General Kasey's story - pt 4
  92. Proof
  93. Meanwhile...
  94. Enter: Azarkas
  95. w00tness Art day #3: Fathers Day
  96. Chapter 1 Is Begin
  97. A present for Hoot
  98. Zach's new toy
  99. Wasn't that line used in Aliens?
  100. Sarcasm, thy name is Hoot
  101. Well, this came out of left field...
  102. Plot AND Fanservice in the same comic? IMPOSSIBLE!
  103. And the strings tighten. (why does this feel like filler?)
  104. w00tness Art Day#4: Gore is Good
  105. Duo's instructions
  106. Venn's story (I promise this won't last a week and a half.)
  107. Damn paranoid elves...
  108. w00tness Art Day #5: Fila'av, High Sorceress of Fara'as
  109. Stef's Mission Begins
  110. The slight snag in the plan
  111. Damn, these guys have high blood pressure
  112. And the blood is everywhere! Just the way I like it!
  113. For some reason, I'm reminded of Shinobi...
  114. Such a tiny little thing...
  115. Epilogue
  116. He's 8'2" if you were wondering
  117. Door #1? I thought it was door #3.
  118. My apologies to Akira Toriyama
  119. Moog's first assignment... OF EVIL!
  120. GAH! More talking!
  121. His final mistake
  122. One Blow
  123. Insert squishy noise here
  124. Aftermath
  125. Not So Easily
  126. Ker-ack!
  127. No sense
  128. Ambush'd
  129. Tribute to the old comic
  130. Frontal lobotomy
  131. Lateral guns
  132. Orbit
  133. w00tness art day #6: Twi'lek Hunter
  135. Remeber your roots
  136. Moog's epilogue comic
  137. Double comic: I need to get a new 4th wall / Damnit Jim!
  138. Anybody ever take shop class?
  139. So THAT's what she got...
  140. the RPG Deus Ex Machina
  141. Well... this is new
  142. Haven't we seen this before?
  143. Plans... and such.
  144. w00tness art day #7: Metal Gear Venn
  145. w00tness art day #8: Gratuitous T&A
  146. So thats what slipspace looks like...
  147. How'd he get assigned to this duty station?
  148. Is it supposed to make that sound? That's a bad sound, isn't it?
  149. The Flashback
  150. Option A or Option B? I think I'll take option C
  151. Demons: 1 Covenant: Zilch
  152. I bet you thought I’d forgotten about him, didn’t you?
  153. This storyline is Zach's x-mas gift
  154. Open Says-a-I
  155. Insert Cheesy One-Liner Here
  156. Can you spot Waldo?
  157. The First Meeting
  158. That Elven sheild is nifty
  159. This comic was done for my entertainment only
  160. The attack begins
  161. And the Mjolnir armor is back!
  162. Sketchy Day #1: MC and The Arbiter
  163. Explosions, explosions, and oh yes! Explosions!
  164. Ash would be proud
  165. This space for rent
  166. This comic took way too long to draw
  167. The deathknell
  168. The Blue Bomber
  169. Dots
  170. My God! His biceps are huge!
  171. Zach's epilogue
  172. w00tness art day #9: women of w00tness
  173. h00ah
  174. Of hacks and copyright infringement
  175. Well shucks, couldn’t think of anything witty to say.
  176. The Little Mage's Harem
  177. For a super genius, he's pretty dense
  178. PG-13
  179. This comic is too purple for it's own good
  180. Blood red armor is always cool
  181. SAKE!
  182. GODLIKE
  183. We are currently 300th in line for takeoff... but why wait?
  184. Sketchy Day#2: The Authors message
  185. Total and Complete Ownage
  186. w00tness Art Day #10: Homage to Frank Miller
  187. Model 17
  188. Spatial Distortions
  189. If there's one thing I do well, it's excess.
  190. The Battle of Earth
  191. Thank you, Louis Wu.
  192. w00tness Art Day #11: The Mighty Hunter
  193. The Arbiters Army
  194. Preparing for Battle
  195. Command ships are always huge. It's like a rule or something.
  196. Thats either a disturbance in The Force, or those burritos I had for lunch.

  198. A glimpse of things to come
  199. Waiting
  200. Succubi in demon form
  201. END FINALS!

  202. It's almost killing time, and I better get sharp
  203. Something old is new again
  204. They can fix me... but I'll never be top of the line again
  205. Now listening to: Love lost in a hail of gunfire - Bleeding Through
  206. Of Star Wars and Capcom Rejects
  207. We pay off the devil to deal with the demons?
  208. Take cover - I'm callin' in a flamestrike!
  209. This title is a placeholder for something brilliant
  210. Enter Moog: Badass Insane Demon
  211. Opening Salvo's
  212. Dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun!
  213. Distracted
  214. The Shaman called, he wants his button back
  215. Happy Halloween / Happy Birthday
  216. For you are in Elysium
  217. Ladies and gentlemen, we have just lost cabin pressure.
  218. ERROR
  219. Awakening
  220. Morning
  221. I can't believe you fell for the whole 'dream' bit
  222. Showdown
  223. Soul Consumption
  224. Rez plz!

  225. I LIVE!
  226. zomg
  227. omfg hax!
  228. I meant to do this a month ago...
  229. Comic 59 revisited
  230. Valentines: Part 2
  231. Succubi on Draenor (Outland)
  232. Hey it's St- wait, who are you?
  233. Naa na na na na na na na na na na na naa naaa
  234. Sheason V. Tuera: An Epic Warcraft Battle

  235. Video game mascots on the run
  236. I can't draw a straight line to save my life
  237. A plasma cannon in a lightgun? BRILLIANT!
  238. Something simple to get back in the swing of things
  239. Blizzard: Stop making your games so addictive
  240. Smoking section
  241. Don't you know what day it is?
  242. Randy finally makes his appearance. Parco, you owe me $20.
  243. 4th of July special
  244. Ihop explained
  245. Great Scott!
  246. Always wondered about that
  247. The Starcraft Comic 2.0
  248. Peace
  249. Bouncy Bouncy
  250. The passion of the cLeRKs
  251. LAN parties
  252. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 1)
  253. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 2)
  254. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 3)
  255. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 4)
  256. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 5)
  257. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 6)
  258. The Origin of the Couch (pt. 7)
  259. Who ya gonna call? Somebody else.
  260. Good... bad... I'm the guy with the gun.
  261. Who says zombie movies don’t teach anything?
  262. These jokes make no sense if you haven’t seen ‘Shaun of the Dead’
  263. Come on baby, light my fire.
  264. In here... we pour whiskey.
  265. Filling the fanservice quota.
  266. Extra Life.
  267. Tha's a lot of walkin' corpses righ' there.
  268. Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ is Duo’s favorite novel
  269. How convenient
  270. Zombie Story Epilogue
  271. Enter: Exazrael and Medley, her robo-kitty of awesome.
  272. Yes, that position IS actually possible. And not painful, surprisingly
  273. Don't blame me, blame the cast.
  274. The Introduction of Art.
  275. Because the comic doesn't have enough cute.
  276. She'll fit in fine.
  277. Meanwhile, not far away.
  278. Stellar
  279. The White Space: Part 1
  280. The White Space: Part 2
  281. The White Space: Part 3
  282. The White Space: Part 4
  283. The White Space: Part 5
  284. The White Space: Part 6
  285. The White Space: Part 7
  286. The White Space: Part 8
  287. The White Space: Part 9
  288. The White Space: Part 10
  289. The White Space: Part 11
  290. The White Space: Part 12
  291. The White Space: Part 13
  292. The White Space: Part 14
  293. The White Space: Part 15
  294. The White Space: Part 16
  295. That's one way to say hello
  296. Artemesia Keith gets a co-writing credit for this one.
  297. It was on the tip of everyone's tongue. Tyler and I just gave it a name.
  298. Each week, Tyler gave the rules that he and I decided.
  299. I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
  300. Holiday cheesecake: This will become a tradition.
  301. New Developments
  302. Subtle like a sledgehammer
  303. This could be really bad, or amazingly awesome.
  304. Why So Serious?
  305. Barb's room is clothing optional.
  306. Love is a crossbow bolt through a zombies head fired at the speed of light.
  307. Click on high rez for the dialogue
  308. Where did I put my sonic screwdriver?
  309. Impossibilities
  310. Orks, orks, orks, orks, orks, orks, orks, orks...
  311. And now a word from our creator.
  312. The Goggles! They do nothing!
  313. The Trouble with Tri- er, Metools.